GLO NIGERIA blocking messages with long Numeric Contents

Hello Esteemed Partners

Happy New year once again

You will have noticed some NOT_DELIVERED messages towards some f your GLO recipients, Its been ongoing for a while and GLO is not ready to change the rule.

kindly note that Glo is blocking all messages that have long numeric content within message text e.g a Mobile Number 08062741555, or account-number: 00009899000

If you send this and its returned, Your credit is automatically returned so no worries.
if you require further information, feel free to contact us on



Message Congestion 27-28th August

Hello esteemed customers

We are experirncing a heavy congestion towards the Nigeria networks and on the gateway. We apologize for these delays but we assure you that your messages will be delivered when the logs are cleared.

Do we have an ETA on this? unfortunately, as congestion is not really on our side, but on operator’s we dont have any ETA, however, it is expected that congestion should be cleared soon and messages towards valid and reachable numbers will be delivered


Thank you for your understanding

smsBAG Support