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Send SMS, message notifications, advertise and alert with our fully featured Bulk SMS Solution. We have all the tools you’ll ever need

2-Way SMS

Get up with 2-way sms solution today. We provide short codes, long codes and sim hosting solutions. Talk to us and lets get you started right away


Our reseller programme gives you a complete set of interactive and off the shelf solution for running a professional SMS business

Active Mobile Directory

Not sure of the status of a mobile number? Our Number Context solution helps you get the status of any gsm number around the world. Will you give it a try?

Why smsBAG?

Are you a service provider, an individual, a church, content provider, non-governmental organization, academy, financial institution, entrepreneur or an enterprise? we have re-branded bulk messaging just to suite that business of yours. Your business needs to keep in touch, communicate with customers, sell that new product, remind your employee of that meeting, or whatever it is you need. At smsBAG, we can provide you with a cost-effective, efficient, reliable and stable SMS solution.

Our solution is a turnkey system and its efficiency is without doubt. If you need an innovative solution with a grounded technology to deal with the fast growing communication needs  in your business, then we are your best choice. contact us to find out more.

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Sendapp is our web-based and standalone SMS messaging applications with world-wide reach, real-time reporting, number context, address book, account management and query statistics.


Are you a developer or you need an SMS Integration? Our SMS APIs allows you to connect to our mobile services system seamlessly, delivering to you quality integration and a robust technology to match it.

Bonus Referral System

We do reward our members especially those who take the extra care to tell somebody about us. Our referral system allow you (a Paid Member) to recieve bonus SMS when your referral buys SMS with us. Its automatic, and instant.

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I’ve been using smsbag for the past 5 years and one thing i can attest to is the quality of service and a prompt support team.

Mr. O. Olukemi

I have been a friend of the team since inception and the energy and dedication to service delivery and technology innovation is unparrallel. I recommend smsBAG any day.

Miss Kike Sofo.