Reseller programme

Our reseller programme gives you a complete set of interactive and off the shelf solution for running a professional SMS business. We will guide you through the process till you stand as we regard everyone our Partner.

We know that SMS messaging is a fast-growing branch of the telecommunications industry, enabled by the adoption of SMS by individuals and organizations. It is also a business you can start without much investment, offering good opportunity for long term profits.

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  • You want to setup a BULKSMS Website

    You think its time to take your own fare share of the growing sms industry?

  • I already Own my Site, I need a relaible Gateway

    Perfect! With smsBAG’s Gateway, you have all the reliability you need to re-power your sms business.

  • I just want to Integrate to my Site

    Even better, Now that we know you already have your presence, we can help you with seemless integration to get you running from your own web front.

  • I’ll do my Business from smsBAG, I just need special pricing

    Ok, you have people who depend on you to send sms but you don;t think you need sms website perse, We agree. Lets talk about your traffic and give you that special pricing

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Whatever your Reseller needs are, we are right here to help you achieve that dream. Talk to Us today 234(0) 806 274 1555 or send us an email: [email protected]

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