GSM Database

Verified and Valid GSM Database

Every business needs mobile marketing and for this marketing, you need recipient numbers to send to. Of course you have your own list but if you have to grow your client base, you need to reach out. If you’re looking for Nigerian GSM numbers for rent or outright purchase, then we can help you with that even to LGA level.

  • Which Numbers?

    Of course they are Nigerian GSM numbers. And we don’t do fake number generator kind of thing, Our numbers are extracted and fetched active to achieve maximum impact for our clients.

  • How many numbers can i get?

    You will be surprised that you can get up to 75 million GSM numbers across the country.

  • Which Operator?

    All Nigerian GSM Operators. GLO, MTN, ETISALAT, and AIRTEL

  • Can I rent these numbers?

    Our idea of rent is simple, You want to send message to a certain people in an area you don’t have their numbers and we do? We can give you a little quote and send your messages for you. We believe in Trust and yes, we trust you’ll be able to trust us with such tasks.

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