Send your SMS straight from your Email Client

We have introduced an email2SMS service for people who prefer their email program than a browser. Just type an email in the right format and your message is processed on the fly ..

Emails sent to our email2sms address, for example, [email protected] are directed to our BulkSMS system and sent as SMS text message to the mobile number presented in the to field. The first 160 characters of the body of the email will be sent as the SMS.

What you need to Know

  • Address yo send email to is [email protected]
  • The To field of your email should contain the mobile numbers to be sent message separated by a semicolon “;”
  • The email body should contain the message to be sent to your recipients
  • Where is my Sender Name? your default sender name is picked from your smsbag account settings by the application.
  • email2sms in Beta!

    Our Email2SMS is still Beta phase so test it and lets have your feedback. For any comments or suggestions, Kindly send us an email @ [email protected]

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