2-Way SMS Messaging

Lets get you a SIM for dual messaging?

Use a fully-featured 2-Way SMS messaging service for communication and interaction with your customers. Be it a shared/dedicated shortcode or long code. Or better still if you want to have your own local SIM Hosted.

We can help you get one or more mobile numbers for your SMS programs. This mobile number can be shared, i.e. used for many different people/organizations, which comes handy if you are looking to reduce costs or a dedicated number which is more expensive but its completely branded YOU.

  • ShortCodes

    Short Codes are numbers shorter than full numbers like 33458 that can be used to send SMS and MMS messages towards mobile numbers. They are perfect for network interactions, mobile marketing, brand identity, responsive sms applications e.t.c. Did you vote for your favourite candidate at big brother on DSTV? you probably used the shortcode service.

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  • LongCodes

    Long Codes unlike Short codes are obviously long. These are registered ready-made and hosted sims on networks which also allows you to perform 2-way messaging. They recieve SMS and can send a reply based on a programmed format. These are useful for promotions or campaigns that needs sms interactions with their users or clients. Most long codes are UK/US numbers and your local operator sms price applies for these numbers.

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  • Local SIM Hosting

    Why settle for a LongCode if you can localize your SMS SIM Card? Do you have your local SIM Card and would like to make it an interactive SIM, then we have just want you need. We can help you turn this SIM into an application enabled vessel where you can use our API to create interactive services for your clients, application and business.

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