No-SPAM Policy

SMSBAG subscribes to an Anti-Scam policy for all of our SMS communication platforms. We therefore do not condone spam/scam messages sent by an individual or company to a person or group of people with an intention of deceit or fraud.

Be Careful!!!

Our Anti-SCAM filter is activated to scan through messages from time to time and once we discover a message that violates our spam policies, such accounts will be flagged and block pending investigations.

Please Note!!!

  • Once the system blocks your account, you will not be able to send sms until our investigations is concluded
  • We will require your cooperation during this investigations and we hope we will get it to enable your account again.
  • If we do not get your clarification or found that your account is guilty of the said SPAM/SCAM, your account is closed and all sms credits therein is forfeited.

SPAM messages and SCAM messages have negative impact on our reputation as such SMSBAG reserves the right to BLOCK, CONFISTICATE, and CLOSE accounts that are found to have violated this rules.

Lets Hold Hands

We believe we can count on your cooperation to keep the communication space scam and spam free!!!

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