E-Payment Not Working (Card Payments Offline)

Hello Dear Customer,

By now, you must have noticed that our Epaymant platform has been offline. We deeply regret this inconvenience and we know how hard this must have been for those that use it regularly.

Why is it down?

GTPay/Interswitch have a little change in Technical specs which affected our integration, One we are working with them to rectify. Hopefully this wont take much any longer.

What are the Alternatives?

As usual, Our direct bank deposits via GTB is still a option of choice and Internet Bank transfers or ATM point transfers are also preferable if you don’t have time to reach a nearby bank.

Going Forward

We only use one bank and have relied on online payments and online transfers to do the rest but we are listening to you and we will be adding 2 new banks to our already own GTB to ease access to Bank deposits. We will keep you posted on this one.

Again, we apologize for the present state of our E-payment platform, and we promise to work faster and let you know when its back.

Best Regards

smsBAG Admin

E-Payment Not Available

Hello Esteemed Customer,

Due to the ongoing server disruption and update requirement from our Payment Switching Partner, we regret to inform you that the Epayment platform will not be available due to security updates.

For alternatives, we employ that you use the Internet Bank Transfer system (Notify us by SMS or email after transfer) or use the default Bank Deposit.

We apologize for all inconveniences and we hope to be back sooner to give you that seamless SMS experience that you always enjoy.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and thank you for choosing smsBAG


smsBAG Admin

Payment Options on smsBAG

smsbag.com is integrated with the Nigerian E-payment systems via GTPay, this payment platform works for both Interswitch and eTranzact users. It’s easy, safe and totally secured. Click here to download how it works.

5 steps to make your payment via WebPay.

  • Login into your smsBAG account, click on buySMS, enter your SMS quantity and Choose ATM payment method
  • At the ATM Checkout, Confirm your SMS Quantity and Price rates and Click PayNow
  • When the WebPAY page appears, enter your card details safely and correctly, Click Pay
  • When the transaction is done, you will be redirected, if a prompt comes up for this, Click Ok
  • You’re done, your transaction details is displayed and also kept in your account records.

Note: If your WebPay transaction is successful, your sms account is credited immediately after payment has been made. If you have any issues regarding any of your webPAY transactions, please contact support here immediately.
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