web1431 – Missing Application Files – Resolved

Incident Description:

Our system administrators have detected an issue with the web application server. The server is being restored with missing application files. During this time the web server will be unstable and some pages of the website will not be available.

Which Customers are Impacted?

All clients using this web server especially those used to sending SMS with the web interface

How are Customers Impacted?

Some Application pages are missing and are not available such as SenDSMS Page, SenDInternational SMS, Activate Mobile e.t.c.

How often will we be updated?

1 hour

Time to Resolution (ETA)

4 hours

10:05 (Sept 21) Update

We can confirm that the system is 80% up and running. Normal activities have been restored and messages are okay and are delivery accurately. Other activities still impacted are the E-payment System which a status post will be opened for.

We appreciate your patience and we thank you for choosing smsBAG. If you however face any problem or have any complaint, kindly forward an email to support@smsbag.com, we will be glad to help you


smsBAG Admin