smsBAG Service Outage 15th November

Dear esteemed Customers,

We sincerely apologize for the outage suffered on the 15th November and some hours on the 16th on some of our SMS delivery outlets.

We are aware that almost 72% of the SMS sent within these periods were not processed nor delivered and we cannot even begin to imagine what this might have caused your programs, events, services, or businesses and we sincerely apologize for this.

This outage was due to some issues on some of our SMSC links which took longer than expected to fix. Service has been fully restored yesterday 16th and all SMS sending outlets are fully operational.

All deducted SMS credits are already being processed and will be refunded before close of Business on 17th November, 2014.

We once again apologize for this outage as we work to regain your trust once again.


smsBAG Administrator


[SOLVED] Delay in Delivery for Globacom Nigeria

Valued customer,

We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully resolved the delivery delay problem towards Glo Mobile (Globacom Ltd).

Our routing specialists will continue to monitor the situation to ensure high quality of service.

Should you notice any difficulties with message delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

smsBAG Admin

GLO NIGERIA – Service impact – MT SMS

Valued customer,

Be advised that we are detecting substantial delays in delivery towards Glo Mobile (Globacom Ltd).

You may notice inconsistent delivery times when submitting to this network, but rest assured that your messages will be delivered.


Outage Window:

Start Immediate
End Unknown
Impact Messages will be delivered with delay

Our specialists are working diligently on resolving the problem and ensuring timely delivery.

You will be notified as soon as we have any updates on the situation.

GLO NIGERIA blocking messages with long Numeric Contents

Hello Esteemed Partners

Happy New year once again

You will have noticed some NOT_DELIVERED messages towards some f your GLO recipients, Its been ongoing for a while and GLO is not ready to change the rule.

kindly note that Glo is blocking all messages that have long numeric content within message text e.g a Mobile Number 08062741555, or account-number: 00009899000

If you send this and its returned, Your credit is automatically returned so no worries.
if you require further information, feel free to contact us on



Happy New Year 2014 – 10% Bonus on every Buy


Happy new Year 2014

At smsBAG, we hope that your new year is filled with happy joy, happiness and laughter.

Here is wishing you a marvelous and bouyant 2014 from all of us at smsBAG.

We have started the new year on a high Note….

SMS price now as low as N1.40 and guess what, there is a 10% Bonus on every Buy from Jan 1st – Jan 31st, 2014.

Don’t wait….Buy now and Send Unlimited SMS to your ….

All Bonus SMS are free to send to all Available Nigeria Networks only. Bonus Credits cannot be used for International Messages.

Thank You

smsBAG Website not Available – Resolved

Hello esteemed customers,


We regret to inform you that our website is not available at the moment due to server maintenance and updates.

Our Engineers are working round the clock to the get the website running in the shortest possible time.

Kindly bear with us

——————–08:49 AM GMT+1

We are glad to let you know that our website is back and fully functional. We apologize once again for any inconvenience.

Thanks for your patience


smsBAG Administrator

E-Payment Not Available

Hello Esteemed Customer,

Due to the ongoing server disruption and update requirement from our Payment Switching Partner, we regret to inform you that the Epayment platform will not be available due to security updates.

For alternatives, we employ that you use the Internet Bank Transfer system (Notify us by SMS or email after transfer) or use the default Bank Deposit.

We apologize for all inconveniences and we hope to be back sooner to give you that seamless SMS experience that you always enjoy.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and thank you for choosing smsBAG


smsBAG Admin

web1431 – Missing Application Files – Resolved

Incident Description:

Our system administrators have detected an issue with the web application server. The server is being restored with missing application files. During this time the web server will be unstable and some pages of the website will not be available.

Which Customers are Impacted?

All clients using this web server especially those used to sending SMS with the web interface

How are Customers Impacted?

Some Application pages are missing and are not available such as SenDSMS Page, SenDInternational SMS, Activate Mobile e.t.c.

How often will we be updated?

1 hour

Time to Resolution (ETA)

4 hours

10:05 (Sept 21) Update

We can confirm that the system is 80% up and running. Normal activities have been restored and messages are okay and are delivery accurately. Other activities still impacted are the E-payment System which a status post will be opened for.

We appreciate your patience and we thank you for choosing smsBAG. If you however face any problem or have any complaint, kindly forward an email to, we will be glad to help you


smsBAG Admin

Message Congestion 27-28th August

Hello esteemed customers

We are experirncing a heavy congestion towards the Nigeria networks and on the gateway. We apologize for these delays but we assure you that your messages will be delivered when the logs are cleared.

Do we have an ETA on this? unfortunately, as congestion is not really on our side, but on operator’s we dont have any ETA, however, it is expected that congestion should be cleared soon and messages towards valid and reachable numbers will be delivered


Thank you for your understanding

smsBAG Support

smsBAG Website Not Available – 500 Error

Incident Description:

Some customers were receiving 500 errors when accessing our website on the 19th August 2013.  Our systems administrators have investigating the cause of these issues and all systems are back to normal now.

Which Customers are Impacted?

All smsBAG customers

How are Customers Impacted?

Some customers are getting a 500 error when accessing their website


This issue has been resolved. Resolution Date 19-08-2013

Thank You